30 days and 30 photos – Day 1

A few days ago, I started to think about how I could challenge myself to become a better photographer.  I’ve been starting to use my tripod more often – especially practicing late afternoon and evening shots.  I also want to become better skilled with the Lightroom photo-editing software I have purchased.  I’ve heard all the advice about getting out and shooting photographs every day – practice and experimentation being the key to improvement.  I have certainly taken many, many pictures this summer so far.  But, I have not made the commitment as yet to get out every day.  They say if you do something every day for 1 to 2 months that it becomes habit.  Okay – let’s put that theory to the test!

My goal for the next month is to get out with my camera every day – either early morning before work, or later at night after work – and capture some of the scenic spots in Acadia.   I will post a picture a day.   The criteria I’ve set for myself is simple:

  1. The photo that I select must be taken the day of the posting – and I will submit a photograph every day for the entire month of September.
  2. A tripod must be used (so that I get fast and efficient with setting up and composing shots using a tripod)
  3. Each photo will be processed in some way through Lightroom before posting (forcing me to become more familiar with this software)
  4. A brief description of  my camera settings and the basic editing I performed will accompany each photo.


Sunset near Little Hunters Beach (1 of 1)

I climbed on top of some cliffs overlooking Little Hunter’s Beach snapping pictures as the sun was setting.  This was one of the last pictures I took this evening.  I wanted to make sure I could get back to the road before it got too dark, and the mosquitoes were starting to come out in full force!  Admittedly, had I stayed a little longer, the colors would have intensified even more.

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/16.  My ISO was set at 100.  The camera determined the shutter speed.  The final shot was recorded at 1/25 sec. f/16 32mm
  • I used Live View and manual focus – which I set to infinity
  • My camera’s timer was set and my tripod was positioned as level as I could get it on the uneven rocky cliff
  • I also used my Exposure Compensation settings to under- and over-expose each shot.  This photograph is slightly under-exposed at –0.3
  • In Lightroom, I adjusted the following settings:  Shadows – bringing out the rock in the foreground; Highlights – to deepen the colors of the sky; and Vibrance – to slightly increase the intensity of the colors

29 days to go!

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