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Photo of the Day 3.25.20

On our bike ride today, we came upon an area with taller grass than what we have seen near our campsite.  An interpretive sign indicated we were in the Sacaton Flats.  The giant sacaton grass (Sporobolus wrightii) is an important native species in the… Continue Reading “Photo of the Day 3.25.20”

In search of Dripping Springs….

    I‘m back to sharing the adventures we launched from our dispersed camping site at La Posa South BLM in Quartzsite, AZ!  On February 12, we decided to go on a road trip to visit the Dripping Springs site located high up in… Continue Reading “In search of Dripping Springs….”

Tuesday Treks: Acadia Carriage Roads

My Tuesday Trek was true to it’s name – I took a ride on my Trek!! 🙂  I decided it was time to get the bike on the trail this summer and planned a route on the carriage roads today.  My route took me… Continue Reading “Tuesday Treks: Acadia Carriage Roads”