About Me

lynn lost mine trail big bend np 2 (1 of 1)
Lynn on the Lost Mine Trail in Big Bend National Park 2017

My story began many years ago growing up on the grounds of a renowned public garden.  It’s where my love of the outdoors was born and cultivated.

Who am I?

I’m Lynn Amber – wife, mother, sister, cousin, in-law, friend, and aunt.  I’m passionate about discovering new places, exploring the great outdoors, enhancing my writing, learning new skills and improving my photography.

lynn white mountains nh (1 of 1)
Enjoying a hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

 You’ll enjoy my site if:

  • you have a thirst for RVing and the RV lifestyle,
  • own an Airstream,
  • enjoy reading about photography  – successes (I’ve had a few of these!) and failures (many more of these!),
  • desire to read about the interesting locations you might like to visit,
  • or simply long to escape to another “place” for a while. 😊

Why start a blog?

I started this website for a couple of reasons: to create a journal of my adventures as I start the nomadic lifestyle of a workamper and to share my dreams, travels and photography as I wander around the country (and hopefully, at some point, the world) in search of the next new inspiration.

I launched this brilliant life changing plan at the ripe old age of 59.  Crazy, right?  There’s a saying in a one of my favorite novels, The Power of One, that goes something like this – “First with the head, then with the heart.”  One’s approach to many facets of life should first involve using the mind – plan, strategize, rationalize, prepare – and then, move forward with your heart and let intuition, passion and determination drive you towards your goal.  However, I do believe there are times when the heart should lead.  My leap into the abyss of RV travel was definitely led by the “heart.”  If I had waited until the rational side of me argued for moving ahead, I’d still be just dreaming of this lifestyle.  This means I am often trying to repair this “heartfelt” decision with a toolkit of mindful maneuvers!  😉 Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t.  There are times when soul-searching causes me to reflect on my exodus from a 9-5 routine and wonder what I was thinking when I gave up my cushy job for an uncertain financial future.  But then I look back on the adventures I’ve had over the past seven years, and know that it is still the right decision.  It’s not a fairy tale existence.  It can be an emotional roller-coaster – but I’m in it for the ride.

lynn padre island national seashore 2017
Biking on the beach at Padre Island National Seashore

My Life’s Work 

One of the things that gives me great pleasure is tallying up my life work experiences.  I think it’s the most effective way to define who I am.  Here goes!  I’ve staffed a drug store counter, worked the deli area at a Wawa convenience store, processed mushrooms in a cannery, and cleaned motel rooms, a planetarium and gym facilities.  I’ve been employed at a recreation area renting out boats, worked a retail jewelry counter, welcomed patrons in a fitness center reception area and sold department store shoes.  This was all prior to finishing college.  😊

After college, I patrolled a day-use state park as a ranger, and worked for almost a year as a second-shift truckstop waitress serving up diner fare to truckers along the busy Route 202 corridor in West Chester, PA.  I maintained inventory control for the old Norcross card company, cared for plants at a landscape nursery, and started working for a tree company doing administrative tasks as well as grounds person duties.  For many years, I designed and installed gardens for both residential and commercial properties and operated a tree nursery while raising two boys. (Yes, I consider that work just like day care employees do.)

In the last 20 years, I’ve greeted students as a receptionist in a college bursar’s office, functioned as a school library media specialist in a K-12 environment, and led a busy academic public services desk as an Access Services Librarian.  Most recently, I’ve checked in campers at a U.S. Forest Service facility, worked the holiday season for an Amazon fulfillment center, processed metadata for historical photographs, provided customer service in a popular national park retail/grocery store, and served as a fee collection ranger for 6 seasons in 3 different National Parks including Acadia NP, Lava Beds NM and Big Bend NP.

I’m flexible, versatile and a self-proclaimed idealist (always a dreamer)!

My Mission

My hopes for this blog are simple – sharpen my underused writing skills, record our travels, share some of my passions with prose and photography, and have fun doing it!  Welcome aboard!

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”  – Langston Hughes

lynn at muley point 3.jpg (1 of 1)
Muley Point in Southern Utah
lynn at big bend
Lynn on the Hot Springs Canyon Trail in Big Bend NP after taking a dip in the hot springs along the Rio Grande

6 Comments on “About Me

  1. A long road well traveled. Always look forward to seeing your pictures. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas


  2. I found your blog while googling info about Acadia NP. This summer I will be working as a Recreation Fee Technician at Blackwoods Campground and your blog is inspiring as to the possible adventures that I can have this season! Thank you for the photos and a glimpse into your journey.


  3. I found your blog while googling info about Acadia NP. This summer I will be working as a Recreation Fee Technician at Blackwoods Campground and your blog is inspiring as to the possible adventures that I can have this season! Thank you for the photos and a glimpse into your journey.


    • Hi Devon! Well – you will love Blackwoods Campground! I spent 3 seasons working there camped right in the campground! It was my home away from home – have fun!! Let me know if you have any questions!


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