Desert Art

Tiny little cactus hugging a rock

There’s not much blooming in the Arizona desert right now so my focus has been on other interesting objects in the landscape – from dead plants to human debris.

Love the texture of this old, dead desert ironwood tree

In some areas of the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge, the ocotillo is bursting out in leaf. The bright green color can be seen from a distance. Up close and personal, the cool striations on the branches really show up and the delicate leaves sprouting near the thorns amaze me!!

Ocotillo never disappoints me!

We hiked back into the desert from our campsite and found this natural arch. After winding around and up and down several washes, we were able to climb up close!

Natural arch carved by weather over time
Saguaro cactus skeleton

There’s something very appealing about the skeletons that form from the dying Saguaro cacti!

The skeleton on this Saguaro is just starting to become evident
Another dead tree with lots of character!
Patterns of Beavertail Prickly Pear

We took a drive back to the old King of Arizona mine – an 36-mile round trip on dirt, wash-boarding roads. Of course, we humans love to leave evidence of our existence!

Iron springs, anyone?
I do believe miners lived on canned food!

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