November Photo of the Day 11.2.21

Snow on this date last year!

Yesterday I went for my annual physical and received two shots – a flu vaccine and a shingle’s vaccine. Today I’m feeling a slight normal reaction to these injections – headache, muscle aches, very sore arm, etc. So, I decided to look at photos from this time last year to post since I was not feeling up to a walk-about today.

I was surprised to realize that we had a dusting of snow on this day one year ago! The forecast tomorrow is calling for possible snow flurries in the morning before the temperatures rise – so not surprising!

And, just for fun – I’m posting another November photo from two years ago. No this is not Vermont!! Ha! I’m getting ready once again for our annual family get together in South Carolina and was perusing my photographs from a previous trip. The weather can be iffy on Edisto Island in November but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will enjoy the same temperatures and sunny days previously experienced in 2019. A shout-out to my birding friends – please identify for me this bird! My shorebird knowledge is a tad light! 🙂

Shorebird catching the light!

2 Comments on “November Photo of the Day 11.2.21

  1. Criteria: Shore bird, large sandpiper, SC in November
    Field marks: straight, short. thick, dark bill; lightly mottled breast (esp upper portion), dark legs (no flight feathers seen)
    Probabilities in order: Willet, Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs (dark exposure affecting leg color), Upland Sandpiper (Uncommon) (also yellow legs plus yellow bill)
    Suggestions: Get flight feather markings this November when on Edisto Is. and take a good bird book (Sibley) Enjoy the beach!!


  2. Thanks for the information! In trying to identify myself just from the pictures I have from my last visit, I also narrowed it down to Willet or Greater/lesser Yellowlegs – I will be sure to notice the flight feather markings this time around! Traveling light so I won’t bring a bird book but I have two apps downloaded on my phone – the Audubon and the Merlin Bird ID from the Cornell Lab. I love these apps!


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