snowshoe Solitude

Sugar Maple Viewpoint

Plans to embark on a day-long road trip adventure today were sabotaged by unforeseen circumstances. Shifting gears to more homebound enterprises, I continued work on my quilt project and in the early afternoon took a break from sewing to get some fresh air.

I walked up the road carrying my snowshoes until I reached the VAST snow machine trail, and after strapping on my snowshoes, headed south on the trail. I figured there would be more snowmobile traffic on the trail than I prefer given it’s a holiday weekend but, much to my surprise, I did not hear the high-pitched whine of snow machines for most of my walk! 🙂

As I travelled, the only sound I heard was the crunching of my snowshoes on the hard-packed trail. Every now and then, I stopped to listen for sounds of life. The silence was deafening! 🙂

As I was walking, I noticed new signs posted along the side of the trail. Someone had posted “skiers on trail” warning signs along this section. And, not to be neglected, someone else had added “walkers” in magic marker at the bottom of the sign. I’m guessing the landowner along this stretch added these signs as a “heads up” to the snowmobilers travelling through to use caution. In any event, it was nice to see.

My outbound destination was this viewpoint that looks out over the landscape before the trail descends through a field to the paved road below. The craggy old sugar maple (in the opening photograph at the top of the post) flanks the trail at this location and stands tall and proud – surveying the distant hills. I love this spot. 🙂 Today, I noticed a well-worn animal path between the twin maples. Due to the piles of bark shavings at the base of each tree, I’m guessing there was a porcupine eyeing me from a distance somewhere nearby!

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