Neighborhood Views

Winter log pile

Yesterday, we had the first really bright, sunny day in many weeks. And, also, one of the coldest days we’ve had all winter. I really needed to get outside, though, and pulled out the “really warm” outdoor gear for a brisk walk and photo shoot. Layers of clothing under my snow pants and a big, puffy, mid-calf down coat kept me toasty warm as I walked around the “neighborhood!” (An afterthought – wish I had some “Bernie” mittens to keep my hands warmer -ha, ha!)

My neighbor logs during the winter on family land that surrounds our property. His log pile keeps growing and growing! With the snow resting on the logs and the bright sunshine, I thought this photo would render well in black and white.


By the time I worked up enough energy to bundle up for my walk, the sun was already descending towards the horizon to the west and creating some awesome shadows.

Snowmobile trail

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