Thursday Thrills: Bar Harbor

Parade sign (1 of 1)

Took the Island Explorer shuttle into Bar Harbor to enjoy the 4th of July Parade – what a great way to brighten the spirits!!  Some of my favorite photos 🙂

Pug in antique car (1 of 1)Cowmara (1 of 1)Mainley Meats (1 of 1)Skate Again sign (1 of 1)Cyclist (1 of 1)Bagpipers (1 of 1)

2 Comments on “Thursday Thrills: Bar Harbor

  1. Lynn,
    Everybody loves a parade. Give that French Bulldog a drink of water!
    Visiting relatives in Lima, OH today where we are enjoying the 4th festivities.
    We are in the homestretch for our July 10 return to Vt and we’ll see you on MDI in August.


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