30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 29

The carriage road around Witch Hole Pond is a nice 3+ mile loop that I enjoy walking in the early evening.  I headed out with both my Nikon camera and my Canon since I was unsure what to expect.  I wanted all my options.  My photo of the day is a bit uncharacteristic for me.  I have not been focusing too much on wildlife photography this summer.

About half-way through my walk, feeling less than inspired, I suddenly heard the familiar sound of a woodpecker.  I stopped, listened and zeroed in on a female Hairy Woodpecker upside-down on a branch just to the side of the carriage road.  I shot the first photo with my Canon, and then my battery died!  (Seems odd since I had just put a newly charged battery in the camera – hmmm – something to investigate!)  As I was switching cameras, I saw a flash of flying feathers (how’s that for alliteration!) and the male Hairy Woodpecker crossed my line of vision and landed in a near-by tree.  The photo I shot of him was with my Nikon.  I did have to crop the photo a bit to bring him in closer since my Nikon lens only extends to 120mm.   Neither photograph is as focused as I would like but those darn birds just do not sit still and pose!

Hairy Woodpecker Witch Hole Pond area female (1 of 1)Hairy Woodpecker Witch Hole Pond area (1 of 1)

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