30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 16

For the first time, I was not sure I would get a photograph done today to post.  I decided to wait and try more nighttime photography.  At first, I was just playing around with some shots at my campsite.  My sister had  given me some solar LED lights last winter.  They are different shapes – a hummingbird, a butterfly,  a dragonfly and a flower.  They light up after dark and change color.  Over last winter, the light reflecting off the snow was fun.  When I set up camp here, I put them out where I could see them from the trailer.  They always make me smile!  So, I thought it would be fun to capture them at night.

I was outside and admiring the glow of the interior lights in the trailer.  It looked so cozy, so I shot some pictures of the trailer.  I liked the effect.

Then, I noticed the moon was up and headed down to the shore – walking down the loop road a bit until I found a spot that had some nice reflection on the water.  I was disappointed in my wide-angle shots.  I do not like the glare from the moon and I’m not sure the best way to avoid this so I’ll have to keep working on this!   I find it challenging and love being out that time of night.

Moon and Sea (1 of 1)

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/4.  My ISO was set at 1600. The final shot was recorded at 1/13 sec. f/16 24mm
  • I used Live View and set the focus to infinity
  • My tripod was set up and I used the timer
  • Exposure Compensation setting was at +0.03 for this photograph
  • In Lightroom, the adjustment I made was a slight alteration to Exposure.  That’s it.

My moon shots just were not what I was looking for but I will include the best below.

Moon and Sea 2 (1 of 1)


Baker Island Lighthouse 2 (1 of 1)
Managed to score the Baker Island Lighthouse lit up on this one!

At the campsite, my favorites were:

Butterfly 2 (1 of 1)Airstream at night (1 of 1)

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