30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 12

When I visited the library in Bar Harbor yesterday, I noticed a book on one of the display tables called “Living on the Edge.”  It’s not what you might think given that title!  The book is a guide to life along the seacoast environment here in Maine.  It focuses on the natural environment – both plant and animal life – that survives where at the intersection of land and sea.  Written by a local naturalist with photographs by a former Acadia park ranger, it is an easy, informative guide.  Scanning the book when I got home, I became inspired to more closely walk the shoreline and examine the plant and animal life.  I’m certainly more familiar with the plant life here but regarding the marine animal life I am a novice.

When I think of the word periwinkle, images of the “plants” that use this common name come to mind.  In a word association game, if someone said periwinkle to me – I would respond – Vinca minor.  Or perhaps, think of the annual periwinkle “Catharanthus.”  In Maine along the coast, periwinkle takes on a completely different meaning!  Periwinkles are gastropods (think marine snail) and are abundant in the tidal pools and shores along the Maine coast.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this book with its excellent photographs and narrative.

Periwinkles Day 12.jpg

  • I used the Aperature-priority setting and had it set to f/7.1  My ISO was set at 100. The final shot was recorded at 1/125 sec. f/7.1 86mm
  • I used live view and manual focus zeroing in on the whitish periwinkle in second from left
  • Tripod shot for sure with the timer set on release mode dial
  • Exposure Compensation setting was at -0.03 for this photograph
  • In Lightroom, the adjustments I made were to Highlights, slightly Shadows and Vibrance settings.  I did sharpen the photo a tad.

A couple of other photos I took along the way that I thought were interesting and fun are added here.

Old well along Quarry Trail (1 of 1)
An old well along the Quarry Trail
Back side of Otter Cove (1 of 1)
Tide coming into Otter Cove
Gulls in Otter Cove (1 of 1)
Gulls keeping watch over Otter Cove

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