30 Days and 30 Photos – Day 29

My photo of the day is a bit uncharacteristic for me.  I have not been focusing much on taking photographs of wildlife this summer.  The carriage road that travels around Witch Hole Pond is a nice 3+ mile loop that I enjoy walking in the early evening.  I decided to bring both my Nikon and my Canon since I did not really have any expectations as to what type of photograph I might capture today.  I was keeping myself open to all possibilities.

As I was walking along feeling less than inspired, I heard the distinct sound of a woodpecker busy at work.  I stopped, listened and spotted not one but two Hairy Woodpeckers – a male and a female.  I captured the photo of the female with my Canon – and yes, she was upside-down on the branch.  I can’t say the photograph is as focused as I would have liked – but she was not posing for me!  Then, I saw a flash of feathers as the male flew across my line of vision.  I followed him to a near-by tree and took that picture with my Nikon.  (My Canon battery died after I shot the female woodpecker – which seemed odd to me – hmmmmm)  So, I had to crop the second photo to bring it in closer.  Not the best pictures but I was happy to have captured them at all.  Birds do not sit still!!

Hairy Woodpecker Witch Hole Pond area female (1 of 1)Hairy Woodpecker Witch Hole Pond area (1 of 1)


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