Morning Light

I’ve been awaking early each morning before sunrise so that I can relax and organize my day with a quiet cup of coffee. I really need that meditative piece of time. This morning, between cups of java, I grabbed my camera and quickly ventured outside to capture this soft twilight glow.

Later, at lunch time, I took advantage of this unprecedented warm weather and embarked on a fast walk up the road. Everyday scenes from the neighborhood…..

A typical sign on our Vermont country roads!!
The pond up the road from us has a rather invasive stand of cattails. But, they do catch the light nicely!
Forest floor in late fall is still providing some good color and interest!!

2 Comments on “Morning Light

  1. Dawn is a favorite time for me to shoot. Better, as I get older the easier I find it to rise in time to beat the sun. Glad to have found your blog. Look forward to your next post. — Tobias

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    • There is something so magical about the twilight hour – I also love the light just after sunset – one of my favorite times to take a walk. It’s such a peaceful time. Thanks for finding me and commenting on my photograph. Truly humbled and appreciative.

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